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Welcome To Vishwarup Ayurvedic Clinic ( Visiting Time : Mon - Sat - 9:30 Am to 1:00 Pm & 5:30 Pm to 8:30 Pm - By Appoinment Only )

Welcome to Vishwarup Ayurvedic clinic

Dr. Poonam V. Chougule (Upadhye)

Started in 2006 by Dr. Poonam V Chougule (Upadhye)

We Provide :-
Ayurvedic Treatments for Diabetic & Heart diseases.
Ayurvedic Treatments for various skin diseases.
Ayurvedic Treatments for Gynacological problems.

If you have above problems, Then come to Vishwarup Ayurvedic clinic.

Rejuvinate your heart with time tested & proven RASAYAN CHIKITSA The treatment is non surgical, non invasive & safe.

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About Our Services

At Vishwarup ayurvedic clinic we provide RASAYAN CHIKITSA or REJUVENATION THERAPY for all chronic & critical diseases. Our aim is to first maintain the health & then cure the disease we also believe that Prevention is better than cure and Rasayan chikitsa emphasizes on the same principle.

Rasayan chikitsa not only protect & promotes the health but also cures the disease. It is one of the eight branch of ayurveda being practiced since ancient time.

Rasayan acts through many ways first of all it increases digestive fire thus improves metabolism & removes waste products from the body.

By improving microcirculation at tissue level it helps in regeneration of tissues Within the body. Rasayan also increases natural immunity of the body & enhances general well being. The main purpose of Rasayan therapy is to impede the aging process & to delay the degenerative process in the body. We deliver Quality of life to our patients.

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Gahu Rop - Ras Chikitsa